March 23,24, 1997

Atlanta Ga

Organized by: Len Bass, Steve Mann, Dan Siewiorek and Chris Thompson

Wearable computers are becoming more common. A recent workshop on wearable computing in Seattle attracted more than 200 attendees. For the most part, however, wearable computers are being treated as small computers with attempts to provide the same range of input and output devices as on a desktop and to utilize the same applications. We believe, however, that wearable computing is a new paradigm introducing new issues. It is not just mobile desktop computing. The purpose of this workshop is to discuss this position and to identify those research issues that are specific to wearable computers. The goal of the workshop is to produce a white paper identifying research issues in wearable computing and we expect this white paper to be seminal in the oncoming era of wearable computing.

By a wearable computer, we mean a computer that It is a computer that allows the wearer mobility and the freedom to perform other activities while operating it. Examples are computers that a mechanic might wear to have manuals available while performing repairs, computers that a surgeon might wear to provide images while performing an operation or a computer that an individual might wear to save and retrieve data while interacting with other people.

We expect our discussions to include topics such as:

Participation in the workshop will be based on the submission of a three page position paper articulating your views on one of the above issues or on some other relevant issue and will be limited to 30 attendees. If you are currently involved in wearable computing research and are interested in participating in this workshop, send a three page position paper electronically to Len Bass at by January 15, 1997. Submitters will be notified of their acceptance by Febuary 15.